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Community groups

Community groups

A community group is a small group of 8 to 12 people who meet each other every other week in a relaxed atmosphere in someone’s home in order to:

  • tell one another about our personal experiences,
  • ask questions, share joys and sorrows,
  • discover the meaning of the Bible for our daily lives,
  • pray for one another and help each other practically,
  • discover, practise and use gifts and talents.

Each house group is organised slightly differently, but, in general, there is always time for singing, discussions about the Bible, personal discussions, and prayer.

Why go to a community group?

It is only in small groups that an intimate and real community feeling can be experienced.  An individual will not be forgotten in a small group but will be looked after. Here there is the chance to discuss questions and issues, which time does not allow for within a church service. A community group can become an extension of the family. Those who have already experienced the community-feeling of a house group would not want to miss it for the world! You are always welcome to come and join a group.

Feel free to try out and visit the various community groups that we have. We hope that you can find a group that you feel comfortable in and where you can discover the joy that comes from such a close community.

Where can I find a community group?

Small groups meet at different times and various places in and around Klagenfurt.  The individual groups are as unique as the members themselves. You can join a group at any point and form your own opinion. Contact Ernst at  +43 664 / 62 02 291. We look forward to hearing from you.