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What we believe

What we believe

…God wants to have a relationship

As a church, we acknowledge that the Bible is God’s word. It states that God would like to have a personal relationship with each of us because He created mankind in His image. God has a task for everyone which gives us a purpose in our lives. God loves all mankind and consequently gives us the freedom or to decide whether to believe in Him or not.

…Jesus makes this possible

Mankind used its freedom to turn its back on God and to live our lives without asking what God wants. The Bible calls this “sin” and it’s the reason for the separation between God and mankind. Despite this rejection, God made the effort to reunite us with Him using His son, Jesus Christ, as a bridge. Jesus died on a cross for the sins in the world, so that people could live with God again. Whoever believes in Jesus Christ acknowledges with regret that their lives have been out of step with God until that point. They will be forgiven and will be set free.

…New life can start

An individual who believes in Jesus Christ knows that God is there and does not let go of His people. Furthermore, God promises eternal life to those who hold on to Him. That is the hope of Christians. Living with God also means wanting to know more about Him, which is why Christians read the Bible and pray to God. Those who know God personally, want to help Him and help others to experience God’s love.