9020 Klagenfurt Reichenberger Straße 8

Welcome Home Church services at 9:30 and 11am
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Service: Every Sunday at 9:30 o’clock
Reichenbergerstr. 8, Klagenfurt


…to the homepage of the FEG Klagenfurt, a member of the Free Evangelical Churches in Austria. We are pleased that you would like to find out more about us.

Our website gives you a quick snapshot of our church, but you can get to know us best by just popping in. We run a great variety of events and activities, including our regular church services, which you are warmly invited to attend.

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Church news

Find out about what's currently going on at our church.

Our church

We want to encourage people to learn more about God
Sunday services

Sunday services

We meet every Sunday at 9:30am for our service because we want experience God together and learn more about him.

Prayer and Worship

Prayer and Worship

Already the Psalms show how varied prayer can be. We are invited to open our hearts before God with singing and prayers of forgiveness...

Community groups

Community groups

A community group is a small group of 8 to 12 people who meet each other every other week in a relaxed atmosphere in someone’s home. There we...

We believe

…God wants to have a relationship

As a church, we acknowledge that the Bible is God’s word. It states that God would like to have a personal relationship with each of us because He created mankind in His image.

…Jesus makes this possible

Jesus died on a cross for the sins in the world, so that people could live with God again.

…New life can begin

An individual who believes in Jesus Christ knows that God is there and does not let go of His people.

Our Mission Statement

As a church, we would like to become better known in Klagenfurt so that the wider community can learn about Jesus and how relevant He is for their lives.
We will achieve this goal through…

Worship which is relevant for our daily lives

Our services will show the Gospel as an inspiring and helpful message which is relevant for our daily lives.

Reaching out to children and young people

It is important for us that children, teenagers, and young people hear about the love and help God gives in a way that is age appropriate.

United Fellowship

We want to live so that we are open to others, in order to encourage each other in our faith and lives as well as to invite others to share in our fellowship.

Social Action Projects

Practical kindness in big and little ways shows a sincere faith and helps us all to experience the love of God.

We have received God’s forgiveness, love and help through our faith in Jesus Christ. It is so liberating that we wish others to have the same experience.

Our church leadership

(Deutsch) Raphael Forrer
(Deutsch) Raphael Forrer
(Deutsch) Ich bin Baujahr 1990 und großteils in der Steiermark…
Ernst Zenkl
Ernst Zenkl
I am a chemist and live in Klagenfurt. I am married with…
Karl-Helmuth Hippel
Karl-Helmuth Hippel
After a short time working as a mechanical engineer…
Nils Jansen
Nils Jansen
I was born in 1976 and have been living in beautiful Carinthia together with my wife since 2003.


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Our ministries

We offer various ministries no matter at what stage in life you are

Frequently asked questions

Is there English translation for the Sunday service?

We do provide translation of our service into English if there is a need for translation on any given Sunday. As a congregation of many nationalities, several of our members are native English speakers. So, come and join us for our service and speak to one of our elders, or anybody else who seems to know what he is doing. They will then connect you with a translator.

Should you have any other questions regarding the meaning of ‘Free Evangelical Church’, the differences between the Christian denominations, or you want to know more about the structure of the ‘Free Churches in Austria’, please feel free to send us an email via our contact page or join us for worship on Sundays and talk to us in person.