9020 Klagenfurt Reichenberger Straße 8
Kids club

Kids club

Klagenfurt FEG has an active Kids’ Club with approximately 15-20 children and 5 helpers.

Together we have fun with imaginative games, creative craftwork as well as exciting stories from life and from the Bible. Whether we’re off to the swimming pool, ice skating or simply baking biscuits, life is never dull! As a group, we support one another and enjoy experiencing things together. One person is always with us…Jesus! We want to find out more about Him and learn about what He wants in each of our lives.

We meet every other Saturday, from 15:30 and 18:00, at Reichenbergerstraße 8 (unless advised otherwise).

Are you between 9 and 13 years old and want to find out more? Then just drop in; we’d love to meet you!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Thomas Fürst: +43 664 / 4251956

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